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One week old

SOLD                                                                                  SOLD

Just starting...Three days old 




The SUPER DOG PROGRAM goes from day 3 to day 16.  


Going down the ramp already!

​And here are the girls.


 These pups are exceptionally trainable, confident, and intelligent. Besides going through the Super Dog program, the pups have been conditioned to gunfire, crowd noise, fireworks, heavy equipment, horses etc.  Owners of the last litter have offered to supply testimonials.  Help with all aspects of training is readily available...LE, sniffer dogs, protection and tracking and I am on call 24/7 to help with any training issues you may encounter. 


Moxie is standing his ground!

Quake and Sam have had another litter.  Their first litter was so successful that we bred them again.  You can see pictures of the first litter and how they have developed on the German Malinois 2016 litter page. 

​Two weeks old

Karma is receiving a signal!

in training

                        New 6 week photos

We have Six new German Malinois!

Oda is taking a much needed pause.

The pups are growing out perfectly, getting more confident daily. 

Here are the boys...