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Continuing with this amazing breed, we are crossing a German Shepherd female with a Belgian Malinois stud. You can see pictures of Lola and Machete's pups on the "German Malinois pups for Sale" page.

 I had always wanted to cross a German Shepherd with a Belgian Malinois and finally did it!  The result is outstanding as we saw for ourselves on December 10, 2016, with the arrival of our first litter.  Quake, our home protection Malinois, was bred to Sam de Casa Alpha, our German Shepherd stud. Both of these dogs come from a long line of show and work dogs. 

By crossing these dogs we aimed to produce a blend of the GSD and Malinois characteristics to achieve a dog with intense drive and loyalty, a dog that is easy to train and wants to please.  We have seen that it works!  These pups surpass all of our expectations, We have had three outstanding, very successful litters from this pair of high pedigree, high drive dogs.

This breed is gaining in popularity for law enforcement as well as home protection.  If you have questions, contact us as owners, breeders, trainers, and lovers of this hybrid breed!!!

​Machete, AKC Belgian Malinois stud


The dam and sire


Our latest German Malinois cross... Tremor and Machete

One-quarter GSD and three-quarters Belgian Malinois

Sam AKC German Shepherd

Tremor, German Malinois out of Quake and Sam 

Lola, AKC GSD female

Quake AKC Belgian Malinois

Our new German Malinois cross, Lola and Machete